Friday, July 10, 2009

Sarah, Sarah, Storms Are Brewing in Your Eyes

By Michael P. Tremoglie
Tea Time Blog

You knew that when David Letterman had the temerity to gratuitously and vulgarly insult her daughter, Sarah Palin was not going to react like a Bob Michel Republican.

(He was the former House minority leader who had this terrible habit of smiling after a gratuitous slur was made against Republicans by one of the House Democrats. As W. James Antle III, wrote a year ago in the American Spectator - “Bob Michel Republicans …are happy being in the minority.”)

Sarah Palin was not going to take Letterman’s abuses like Bill O’Reilly did when he appeared on Letterman’s show.

(During a 2006 Letterman told him, “about 60 percent of what you say is crap.” During a recent appearance Letterman told him “I think of you as a goon.” O’Reilly’s responses exhibited none of the feistiness for which he is known.)

Sarah has provided the paradigm for them.

Despite all the Republican “strategists” who told her to keep quiet, Palin was not going to let this pass. She was not going to play second banana as Sen. Orrin Hatch, Rep. - Utah does when Sen. Pat Leahy, Dem. – Vt. makes some snide comment.

No, Palin demonstrated she is not going to be a punching bag for liberal Democrats.

It does not matter whether they are media liberals, liberal entertainers, liberal community organizers, liberal Democrats or communists. She went after Letterman like any mother would have. She was not going to let a career in politics interfere with avenging a disgraceful attack on her innocent defenseless daughter.

Sarah Palin showed the courage and determine that so many Republicans, especially those in the Senate, have heretofore lacked. They rarely if ever respond to insults by liberal Democrats.

This is why liberal Democrats are so desperate to destroy her. She is intrepid and resolute.

This is also why many Republicans are standing on the sideline and not objecting to it. Sarah Palin holds a mirror to their pusillanimity. She is William Wallace and they are the Scottish nobles.

She could be the Joan of Arc for the Republican Party (sans burning at the stake of course).

What is even worse for her enemies is that Sarah Palin is intelligent.

I know. I had the opportunity to speak with her while she was at Independence Hall last November for the Governor’s Association conference. She impressed me as being bright, articulate with a command of the facts that most of her peers do not have.

She is certainly light years ahead of Rod Blagojevich, a man for whom the Hyde Park sophisticates of the Democratic Party voted.

She was the star of the show then. All the attention was focused on her during the Independence Hall media conference.

Perhaps this is why New York City Republicans like Peggy Noonan cannot stand her. Noonan’s dislike for Palin is palpable and grotesque. She has been one of the most vitriolic of Palin’s critics.

This is understandable. Noonan has become one of the Manhattan elite. She launched a website for women with Lesley Stahl that features contributors like Whoopi Goldberg. She also endorsed Obama in 2008. This was 180 degrees from the day she mocked Obama’s election as Illinois senator in 2004.

(Unlike Noonan, I said Obama was a rising star in the party. I wrote in August 2004, after watching his convention speech, “If the Democratic National Convention failed to produce a bounce for John Kerry, the same cannot be said of Illinois State Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic Party’s candidate for United States Senator from Illinois. While this rising star in the Democratic Party spouted some conservative themes during his speech, the rhetoric may be deceptive… Obama is very liberal.”)

So it is quite understandable why Manhattan Republicans like Noonan do not like Palin. She does not fit their societal mold.

Palin seems to be part of a growing core of Republicans – especially women – who are as mad as hell and ain’t gonna take it anymore.

Liz Cheney is part of this group. So are Michele Bachman, Marsha Blackburn, Rosario Marin, Heather Wilson, Renee Amore and Mary Fallin.

Blackburn, Marin, Bachman, Fallin and Wilson, along with Carly Fiorina and Renee Amore all publicly defended Palin after the smear campaign against her began immediately following her nomination.

For the Peggy Noonans among you, who notice such things, please note:

· Rosario Marin is a Mexican-American, who was the Treasurer of the U.S. during the Bush administration. (Take that Sotomayor.)

· Renee Amore, is African-American and the deputy chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party.

· Carly Fiorina was the CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation

· Heather Wilson was a Rhodes scholar who graduated with honors from the Air Force Academy

Not one of these intelligent, accomplished (and, yes, attractive women) who are working mothers, ever doubted for a second Sarah Palin’s intellect or ability!

Who knows maybe Sarah Palin’s new role will be to join forces with these forceful, talented women and provide some spine and direction to the Republican Party. Maybe they can provide what is desperately needed in the party. There is no question the men have not been able to figure it out.

Maybe Palin is headed to emulate another Jefferson Starship song, the 1987 hit: “Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now."

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[1] Lyrics by Peter and Ina Wolf for Jefferson Starship’s “Sara” 1985

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