Monday, July 13, 2009

Liberals’ Unenviable Track Record

Why Do We Keep Believing Them?
By Michael P. Tremoglie
Tea Time Blog

Why anyone would believe that liberals would be able to solve the current American crisis is beyond reason. They have consistently made claims that have proven to be either incorrect or outright falsehoods.

These were not minor issues either. The erroneous policies they advocated, the mistaken predictions they made, were of major importance.

So there is no reason Americans should think that they can solve the problems of healthcare, the economy, education et al.

Here are just a few examples prognostications and pronouncements by leftists:

Walter Duranty - This Pulitzer Prize recipient was a New York Times Moscow bureau chief. He did not report that Stalin was exterminating seven to ten million Ukrainian men, women and children. Despite an independent 2003 inquiry by the Times that indicated his reporting was merely Soviet propaganda.

Sydney Schanberg - another NY Times Pulitzer Prize winner, he said that SE Asia would be better off with America gone and the communists in control of the government. He wrote a famous dispatch for the NY Times on April 13, 1975, a week before the communists conquered Cambodia and implemented a holocaust of extraordinary size, “for the ordinary people of Indochina…it is difficult to imagine how their lives could be anything but better with the Americans gone.”

Anthony Lewis - This NY Times columnist also predicted that there would be no mass slaughter in Cambodia. He wrote, “Some will find the whole bloodbath debate unreal. What future possibility could be more terrible than the reality of what is happening in Cambodia now?

Noam Chomsky – this icon of the left went one step further than his liberal brethren. He not only said there would not be a Cambodian genocide he denied there was even after the proof was incontrovertible.

Senator Ted Kennedy - The obligatory references to his swimming or driving acumen will not be made. No, all that is necessary is to note that Senator Kennedy proclaimed during a Senate speech that if President Reagan deployed Pershing missiles in European countries World War III would begin.

Rep. Tip O'Neill - Another famous Massachusetts Democrat was Speaker of the House during the Reagan administration. According to a review of the memoirs of the Soviet Ambassador to the US, Anatoly Dobrynin, O’Neill told Dobrynin that Ronald Reagan's reelection would be catastrophic: “Reagan will give vent to his primitive instincts . . . probably put us on the verge of a major armed conflict. He is a dangerous man.”

Attorney General Ramsey Clark - before he became famous as a defender of Saddam Hussein, Clark was the leader of the movement to rehabilitate rather than imprison criminals. He said that long criminal sentences were the result of societal vengeance and do not prevent crime. As America later learned this false.

Judge David Bazelon – like Clark he was one of the leaders of the “hug-a-thug movement.

John Kenneth Galbraith – this famous economist once said that General Motors is “large enough to control its markets.” He implied that American corporations were invulnerable.

These are just few examples of the sagacity of liberals. There are more.
What they all have in common is the absolute security of their own intellectual and moral superiority and that they were absolutely wrong.

Given their history why do we keep electing them?

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