Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Liberals Sound Like Nazis - Definitions of "blackness" Disturbing

The spate of pronouncements by liberals of who is a "traitor to their race" or class or group causes one to think of how the Nazis defined who is a true Aryan.

Juan Williams, an African-American journalist who is a Fox News contributor, is routinely called an Uncle Tom - by not only blacks, but, laughably, liberal whites.

Bill Cosby was called an Uncle Tom in 2004 because he said black parents should be investing in education rather than sneakers for their kids.

Rev. C. L. Bryant, a former NAACP official, is called an Uncle Tom because he speaks at Tea Party rallies.

Michael Myers, another former NAACP official, is called an Uncle Tom because he has criticized President Barack Obama.

Even President Barack Obama was called a "magic negro" by a black LA Times columnist because there were questions of his blackness.

Singer Elton John, who is gay, was called a traitor because he performed at the wedding of noted conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh.

This trend of defining who is a true black or a true gay and who is a traitor is disturbing. How can we, as a nation, accept someone defining a black person as a "real black" or not a real black without realzing how analogous this is to the Nazis defining who was a true Aryan?

What are the liberals going to do - show us films of the exact anthropometric proportions of the ideal black like the Nazis did with Aryans?

Will the liberals define who is the "pure" black just as Nazis defines the pure Aryan?

The idea that there is someone who can define which African-Americans are real blacks and who are not is chilling. It is just as ominous to define who is really whatever the group is.

But there are those in the African-American community who are going against this purity campaign. Harvard Law professor, Randall Kennedy wrote a book called "Sellout: The Politics of Racial Betrayal."

During an interview Kennedy said that using the Uncle Tom or Oreo or Sellout label is a way to eliminate dissenting viewpoints. He said, "'s great weapon of demagogues."