Friday, April 16, 2010

Liberal Hypocrisy: Taking Our Country Back

They need to ask Howard Dean.

Chris Matthews wants to know what the phrase "take our country back" means when Sarah Palin and Tea Partiers say it. The Washington Post says it shows how angry and dangerous the Tea Party movement and Sarah Palin are. Judy Woodruff says it is "anger like this"

Liberals and Democrats are outraged when Sarah Palin and Tea Party speakers use the phrase "Take our country back." They imply that it is "divisive." It shows that Republicans and conservatives are nothing but haters. They say it means Republicans are racist.

So all the white liberal commentators at MSNBC want to know what "Take our country back means" do they? All the black liberals of the Congressional Black Caucus and the white liberals at the Democratic National Committee say it is code for racism and if it is not what does it mean.

Well maybe they should ask the former head of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean, who first used the phrase when he dropped out of the Democratic Party primary presidential race in 2004. Later that year wrote a book with that title.

Liberal Democrats and their propagandists like Chris Matthews are the most hypocritical people on the face of the planet.They try to demonize conservatives and Republicans by asking what they mean by saying they want to take our country back. They say it means that Republicans are engaging in hate speech.

Unfortunately, Republicans are too ignoratnt to remember that Howard Dean used this phrase before any Tea Partiers or Sarah Palin. If they did they would call Matthews and the other liberals on it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Liberal Media and the Pope

Fervent Marxist and atheist extraordinaire, journalist Christopher Hitchens wants to arrest Pope Benedict for crimes against humanity. This is the same Christopher Hitchens who defended Noam Chomsky's Cambodian holocaust denial.

It is interesting that Stalin was directly responsible for killing tens of millions and the world media was silent.

Pol Pot killed millions and a leftwing liberal icons Noam Chomsky and Jane Fonda denied it and the media backed them.

Roman Polanski committed the very same crime these priests did and admitted it but the world media and the entertainment industry stood behind him.

The New York Times - in a story I broke - spiked information they had about possible election law violations committed by the Obama campaign because it would adversely affect Obama's chances of being elected - but excoriates Pope Benedict.

School teachers abuse kids and teacher's unions back them and the media is silent

But let the Catholic Church do something similar and now the world media wants to hang the Pope.

It couldn't be the world media's double standard is the result of their pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and pro-socialism could it?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NY Times' Selective Scandalmongering

The NY Times, which refused to publish scandalous information about the Barack Obama campaign


is more than willing to act as a propagandist for a lawyer suing the Vatican.

This piece from the Wall St. tells the tale, The Times article