Saturday, January 16, 2010

Those Evil Greedy Capitalist Americans

By Michael P. Tremoglie

Once again America comes to the rescue of a nation in need. This time it is Haiti.

America sends in its Marines to help the Haitians. They are there to restore order, to heal the afflicted, to comfort the victims, to feed the hungry.

America sent Marines, not journalists.

America sent Marines, not civil rights lawyers.

The United Nations is depending on the United States to control the aid effort. They are not asking Castro's Cuba, not Chavez's Venezuela, not China.

Yet, we Americans are hated by the world. Journalists say Marines are babykillers. Civil rights attorneys say Marines torture and kill innocent people.

So why aren't the journalists and newspapers providing the manpower? Where is the ACLU? Where is the Communist Party?

Why depend on capitalistic corporations like Microsoft or Coca-Cola? Or that greedy antiworker Wal-Mart? Or the exploitive ITT?

So far those evil greedy multinationals have supplied $48 million of aid. This is more than the entire oil rich, socialist nation of Venezuela has provided.

How could this be? Capitalists, conservatives, Marines and Republicans are not compassionate people - at least this is how the Communists, liberals, Democrats and civil rights organizations characterize them.

If America and capitalists are the selfish, greedy people Europeans and South Americans say, then why would we, at a time we are already in debt and our military personnel are already fatigued (isn't that right Congressman Murtha, Sen. Kerry, the New York Times?), should we spend money and deploy soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines to Haiti?

Next time some ignorant, bigoted,leftwing lunatic or a liberal journalist says what a rotten country this is remind them of what we did in Haiti (and Yugoslavia and Thailand and ....).