Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TCU - Who? Number What? Playoffs! Are You Kidding Me?

For all those TCU fans who have been chomping at the bit insisting that the Horned Frogs were the true number one college football team - or at least they should be participating in the BCS Championship game - last night's Fiesta Bowl should render them silent.

Not only did they not win against BSU, in a critical game, they became the first Mountain West Conference team to lose a bowl game this season.

Once again, this proves that the current BCS system, while not perfect, is adequate for the task of major college football. Were there a playoff system TCU and BSU would have been playing in some off-peak television time slot on ESPNU.

BSU has a more credible claim to playing for the BCS title. However, let's be real here, BSU like Cincinnati, has not played an exacting schedule (I love the Big East and think it a stronger conference than the WAC. Yet, even I didn't think it should have been ranked ahead of Florida.)

I mean a 14-0 BSU season against, Fresno St., Idaho, La. Tech, New Mexico St and other similar football powerhouses (satire here) is not going to excite anyone.

So all you TCU fans who yelled and screamed at me about a playoff system being the only true way for America to see that TCU is the greatest team in college football this year, do me a favor, contact me when you have a real football team.

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