Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chase Bank Credit Card - Something Strange, Definitely Terrible Service!!!

I have a Master Card issued through Chase Bank. Twice in the past week it was denied. I called today to determine why.

After contacting the Customer Service Department, I was told I had a past due balance.

No problem, said I, I will pay the balance online. The Customer Service Representative said that he could make the payment for me by phone. I declined his offer. I told him I would prefer to do it myself online.

The Customer Service Representative repeated his offer and I repeated my refusal.

I then went to make the payment online. Only to be told that a payment was already made.

Since I did not authorize one, this was disconcerting. I called Customer Service told them I wanted to know who authorized this payment. They told me I did.

I told them I did not. I demanded that this payment be reversed and wanted to know who authorized it and why.

They said the payment could not be reversed. I demanded to know why and to speak to a manager.

After being transferred several times and being on the phone for 45 minutes I was told that I would have to call back tomorrow to get this payment reversed!!

This is the most incredibly inefficient, bureaucratic organization I have yet to deal with and I've dealt with quite a few. Some have even resulted in me suing the companies.

The moral of this story is be very careful in your dealings with Chase Bank Master Card. Needless to say I will pay off the balance and cancel the card.

Has anyone else had such a problem with Chase?


  1. Contact your bank, and have the payment declared fraudulent. . . .THEN Call Chase, and point that out, and that if they won't answer you, perhaps answering the police might fix their problem. . .

  2. I read the Limbaugh transcript link you have on the left side of the screen. Nice job.

    In this instance you have asked if anybody has had such a problem with Chase Bank. Here is just a small sampling.

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  4. I deleted one comment because I got the link wrong, then I forgot to state what the link is about. Your column generated a lot of responses at the Free Republic link provided above.