Monday, September 21, 2009

Jimmy Carter Called Barack Obama "This Black Boy" on national television

by Michael P. Tremoglie

Frances Rice, founder of the National Black Republican Association found a video that once again exposes the fraud and hypocrisy of the liberal mainstream Manhattan Mob media. During the 2008 Democratic National convention Carter was a commentator. When asked about Obama he referred to him as this "black boy."

Yet, there was no chorus of righteous indignation as there was when Ross Perot referred to an audience of African-Americans as "you people."

Rice writes on her blog :

" Carter’s racial slur earned him not one word of condemnation. If a Republican politician had called Obama a “black boy”, a phrase most blacks deem to be an offensive epithet, that person would have been labeled a racist and drummed out of the political arena by Democrats and their liberal media allies.. Unscathed by his insensitive remark, Carter now has the audacity to scold average Americans, calling them racist, merely for protesting against Obama’s government-run, rationed health care scheme and out-of-control spending designed to turn our country into a failed socialist nation."

I guess is an expert about racism. It takes one to know one.

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  1. Wishing him good job as new president of U.S. Silvio Berlusconi referred to Obama as the "tanned guy". Italian leftists pretended to be outraged.