Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How Many Poor People Could Receive Health Insurance If Democrats Paid Their Taxes

Liberal Democrats like to say that if our government took all the money spent on the Iraq war it could pay for health insurance for all of the uinsured.

Well, that may be, however, the Iraq war was a matter of national security. Regardless of what one believes, the purpose of the war was to prevent another terrorist attack.

However, there is something liberal Democrats can do to help the government pay for the uninsured. This won't require changing the insurance status of the 90% of Americans who are very satisfied with the current system.

Liberal Democrats just need to pay their federal income taxes and require that their political representatives do so as well. If Charles Rangel, Tom Daschle, Tim Geithner and other powerful Democratic Party members of the federal government paid their taxes every year - plus their back taxes and penalties - the feds would probably have a couple of million dollars to spend on health insurance for the uinsured. Indeed they could probably provide insurance to about 20,000 uninsured.

Besides these are just the tax cheats we know about. How many Democrats haven't been caught yet?

What about all of these wealthy Democrats who want to help the poor?

If Rangel sold his vacation home in the Dominican and gave the millions to poor people; if Daschle gave the millions of dollars made from his speaking fees to health insurance companies, I wonder how many poor people could receive health insurance.

What is even more interesting is that these Democratic Party tax cheats are not just any old politician. These are the elite of the Democratic Party. These are people who are directly in charges of federal income tax laws.

Rangel is Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. This is the congressional committee that establishes federal income tax laws.

Tom Daschle was the leader of the Senate. He also had influence on income tax laws.

Timothy Geithner is the Secretary of the Treasury and enforces income tax laws.

President Obama chose Geithner and Daschle to be in his cabinet. Daschle was supposed to lead the health insurance reform effort.

None of them paid all of their federal income taxes!!

These people are liberal Democrat leaders who can set good examples for their fellow liberal Democrats. One can only guess how much more tax money the federal government could collect if all the other liberal Democrat tax cheats paid their taxes after Rangel, Geithner and Daschle urged them to do so.

Wasn't it VP Joe Biden who said that paying income taxes was patriotic?

Wasn't it Rep. Nancy Pelosi D- Calif, the Speaker of the House, who said that this will be the most ethical congress in history?

So before Democrats try to "fix" our health insurance system maybe they need to get rid of the corruption, greed and hypocrisy in their own party.

That should keep them busy for at least four more years.

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