Saturday, May 15, 2010

Obama's Zeal to Divide America for Political Gain

President Barack Obama spent much of his campaign talking about unifying the country. But he has spent much of his administration dividing the country.

The most recent manifestation of this has been his reaction to the new Arizona law regarding illegal immigration. He has already pronounced it a possible violation of civil rights. He has claimed it is totalitarian.

His Attorney General Eric Holder has already stated the possibility of legal action by the Justice Department. He claims that the law might lead to racial profiling and other similar violations.

But Eric Holder has not yet read the law. He is so anxious to make a political issue of this law by appealing to prejudices - and to tar Republicans, conservatives, law enforcement and the citizens of Arizona as racist - he did not bother to read the law.

Democrats know that they will have a potentially disastrous election for them in November. The only thing they can do is fearmonger and hatemonger. They are lacking any ideas that are positive.

So they do what they always do - cry racism.