Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Liberal Fearmongering and Hatemongering Part I

Regarding all the criticism by liberals about the Arizona illegal immigration law, I would like someone to call this criticism what it really is:

Typical liberal,leftwing Democratic Party hatemongering and fearmongering.

The critics say if one supports the law one is racist.

They say that if an Hispanic is walking down the street going to the grocery store, the police will come, scoop them up and cart them off to jail, forever, just because they are Hispanic.

Such lies and deceit. This is nothing more than hatemongering and fearmongering which is what liberal Democrats always do.

Yet, no conservative commentator or politician has labeled this as such.

This is why Republicans have a tough time winning the debates.

Watch this video and listen to the Hispanics in the audience essentially say the police are racists and that they will lose their liberties because they are Hispanic.

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