Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama Is a Real Chickenhawk

Where Have All the Protesters Gone?

By Michael P. Tremoglie
Tremoglie's Tea Time Blog

Remember when they called Bush a chickenhawk. Democrats, "antiwar" protesters, liberals, leftists and Bush haters in general continuously said President Bush was a "chickenhaw" a term that denotes someone who favors war - as long as someone else is doing the fighting.

Far left groups like CodePink, International ANSWER and Not In Our Name would refer to Bush in this manner. However, they were not alone.

Many Congressional Democrats - who are now interested in civility, comity and cooperation - did not hesitate to call President Bush this gratuitous, vulgar and untrue slur. Then they expanded it to all of those in the Bush administration and Republican Party who were never in the military.

Of course, liberals being liberals, were just showing their hypocrisy and amnesia. They forgot their hero, Bill Clinton, was a draft dodger. Neither did it matter that Hillary Clinton never served in the military.

Meanwhile Bill was sending troops to Bosnia, Somalia, Haitia and everywhere else. They also forgot all the Democratic Party leaders who did not serve in the military yet voted for war.

It did not matter that Bush served in the Air National Guard, certainly more dangerous than Bill Clinton's nonservice. No, they demeaned the National Guard, the same National Guard that bailed out the hippies at Woodstock by the way.

The liberals also ignored the people in the Bush administration and in the Republican Party who did serve in the military. They especially ignored those whose kids were in the service.

The fact that John McCain served in combat and had a kid headed to Iraq and that Sarah Palin had a kid going to Iraq did not earn compliments from the Democrats. It certainly did not earn them their votes.

So now that we have a dyed-in-the-wool, 14 karat, solid gold, chickenhawk in the White House sending troops into combat - or in this case not being able to make up his mind if he should - where are all the chickenhawk jibes?

Indeed, to paraphrase an old antiwar protest song:

Where have all the protesters gone
Now that a Democrat is in the White House
Where are all the peace protesters
The truth is they were just working for the Democrats

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