Friday, November 27, 2009

Another Example of Pathetic Conservative Leadership

Stephen Moore:

  • Founded the Club for Growth, a pro-capitalist group.
  • Is an economics writer for the Wall Street Journal.
  • Is a frequent contributor to Fox News Channel
  • Is a Fellow at the Cato Institute
  • was a consultant to National Economic Commission
  • was a research director for President Reagan's commission on privatization
  • is the author of several books about economics and the free-market
  • has a Master's in Economics from George Mason University

So one would think with all these credentials he would know a simple thing such as why Black Friday is called Black Friday. During tonight's broadcast of On the Record on FNC, Moore said that maybe Steve Forbes could answer why Black Friday is called Black Friday since he cannot. He thinks it should be called Capitalism Friday or something similar.

When Joy Behar does not know the reason for the name and makes a comment that this term is racist, everybody knows why she would say such a thing - and it is not because she is an intelligent, informed person. She is typical of the ignorant leftwing.

However, when a Stephen Moore publicly says on that he does not know why Black Friday is called Black Friday, it is just another example of how conservative leadership in this country is lacking in talent.

Trying to find a capable conservative leader or pundit is like trying to find a closer in the 2009 Phillies bullpen. Every once in a while there is some excellent pitching , yet generally speaking, they cannot save the game.

Unlike baseball, the ramifications of a lack of talent in politics has more deleterious effects. The only thing that Republicans and conservatives have going for them is that the liberals and Democrats are usually more ignorant and incompetent.

The problem is that the Democrats are now in the majority - and for the longest time they pretty much controlled the most of the federal, state and local governments. This is why inside-the-beltway is fairly liberal domain. It is also why the liberals control the culture and the arts.

As dumb as they are, liberals and Democrats have are pretty gullible and the leaders are very deceptive. Why do you think Obama was elected?

Lacking the mainstream media and control of the government bureaucracy, conservatives have an uphill task. It is tough enough without having out of touch leadership.

For the record, Black Friday is called such - in the contemporary usage - because it is the day retailers begin to start making a profit - they go from being in the red to being in the black. (There is a much older meaning, however, this is the current accepted definition).

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