Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama's Fame Fails to Qualify in Olympic Bid

A Guide to Liberal Media Damage Control Spin & Lies

By Michael P. Tremoglie

Tea Time Blog

The liberal media - mainstream and fringe - will spend the next few days rationalizing, alibiing, justifying and making excuses to explain or minimize the effect on Barack Obama's image that Chicago's failure to be selected as the site for the 2016 Olympic games.

Some of the lies from the liberal mainstream media will include:

  • Bush did it too. This will be in response to the criticism that Obama had more important things to do, including saving lives of American military personnel, than worrying about Chicago's games.

This is a lie. The fact is Bush did not do it too. The 2012 selection process was the most hotly contested one in history. Tony Blair and Jacque Chirac got involved. Bush did not. He was concerned about more important issues.

  • Republicans rooted for America to lose. This will be bandied about by liberals who resent the idea that some Americans wanted Obama to fail.

Of course, these liberals won't explain how they wanted the Olympics so they could say how successful Obama is. This is despite the fact that many advocacy groups for the poor and for African-Americans did not want funds spent on the Olympics. They wanted them spent on social programs.

  • This means nothing about Obama's image. This will be the mother of all media lies.

The mainstream media, liberals and Democrats have been telling us how loved Mr. Obama is by the rest of the world. They tell us he is a rockstar in the international community. They say he has enormous influence with foreign countries. They say America's image abroad has improved dramatically because of Obama.

President Obama assigned great importance to this. He threw the weight of his office, of his alleged stardom behind the effort to influence the selection committee. His wife did as well.

Indeed, some of the Obama's media flock said that this was Mrs. Obama's "biggest assignment in the nine months since coming to the White House. " They noted that Mrs. Obama said she will "take no prisoners" in her campaign to make Chicago the chosen city.

The Manhattan Media Myrmidons said that Mrs. Obama "stole the show" in Copenhagen. They said she got the "gold" while her husband got the "silver" from the adoring Danes. They said that the Obama's were "global brands" and "international superstars."

Live by the spin, die by the spin. If Chicago received the bid there would have been saccharine stories ad nauseum of how the Obama's wowed and dazzled the selection committee. They would proclaim that it was the presence of their personalities alone that was responsible for securing the selection. They would announce how the international community, which scorned Bush, was ready to welcome America again.

So implying it does not matter to Obama is pure liberal mendacity.

What the liberal mainstream media did not say - what they will not say - was why was President Barack Hussein Obama there in the first place. They will not talk about the environmental and financial hypocrisy that was involved in this lobbying campaign by Obama.

A - The United States is in the midst of the rising unemployment and economic chaos at home - yet he feels comfortable spending all this money to fly to Copenhagen to make a speech he could have made by telecommunications.

B- Obama's cap-and-trade environmental policies will add costs to Americans. If he is the environmental president, why create this huge carbon footprint to lobby for an event that will create an even greater carbon footprint.

C- The war in Afghanistan is spinning out of control. President Obama has not had time to meet with his own general, the person he put in charge of the effort there, to talk about issues involving the lives of American military personnel. Yet, he can talk about some games being played in Chicago?

No, the media will not ask these questions or make these statements. Such invective is reserved for Republican presidents only.

No, instead, the liberal media will do everything in their power to rehabilitate Obama's image - especially in matters of international relations. Remember, not only has Obama screwed up in Afghanistan, he was derided by the leaders of France and the United Kingdom for his United Nations speech about Iran and nuclear weapons.

I just wonder if the liberal media will call the International Olympic Committee selection panel racist?

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