Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Protesters “Allies” Turn Against Them

Call Them “Rabble”

By Michael P. Tremoglie
Tea Time Blog

There are those who have taken command of the situation by actively protesting the health system reform proposals of President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. They appear at townhall meetings with their legislators and vocally denounce what is being proffered.

Some in the liberal mainstream media have called these concerned citizens many unsavory names. Democrats have called them un-American and Nazis.

This is to be expected. What is not so anticipated is the willingness by their alleged allies to condemn them. They do so faster than they condemn Obama and the Democrats.

Somehow they are embarrassed by the verbal denunciations of those with whom they concur. They urge them to be calm and to act with what they claim is integrity and decorum.

In other words, don’t say anything until you’re asked (which they won’t be since most of these meetings are orchestrated by the legislator – especially the Democrats).

It seems to me that the only reason these meetings are receiving the notoriety they are, is because of those who comment with intensity – instead of "integrity." It is certainly the only reason the politicians take notice.

Those who speak out with passion have energized others who were heretofore reluctant to say anything. They also validate the beliefs of those who have not spoken out. They now know that others think as they do.

Urging "integrity and decorum" seems a rationalization for being timorous.

Advising the protesters to speak meekly is the same advice many of the Republican Party’s paid political consultants gave Sarah Palin. These "strategists" were on television ad nauseum. Their opinion was that Sarah Palin should keep quiet instead continuing her feud with David Letterman. Palin. They said she was only making herself look bad.

Well, Palin didn't stop talking and Letterman did the mea culpa. The Republican's paid political consultants looked ridiculous.

Many of those who meekly and quietly oppose the reform effort call their more vocal brethren rabble.

As far as being rabble is concerned - well let's just say that this is a term one uses to disparage those with whom they disagree and who speak with enthusiasm. Any vocal crowd can be dismissed as rabble. However, it will only be true if:

  • There is no truth to what they are saying.
  • They're bigoted and ignorant.
  • They become destructive without provocation.

This certainly doesn't describe the protesters. They are well informed, telling the truth and not provoking anyone.

It is risible for those who oppose Obama to also oppose the protesters by saying they lack integrity. Intensity and "integrity" are not mutually exclusive.

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